There ARE haunted houses, and some of them are FOR SALE

Just in time for Halloween, I usually come across something odd about a house that is listed for sale. If you are brave enough to take a stroll down Eerie Lane, you will find them. After you buy the house, you are on your own.

Kent, Ohio

Now, take a look at the figure on the right. Perhaps the previous owner didn’t want to leave?

Hudson, Ohio

Yes, I know Bigfoot may not be as scary as a ghost, but he may have just scared them all away from this Hudson, Ohio home.

So, after running into a couple of weird happenings from these houses that were listed locally, I thought I’d make a list of current Haunted Houses for Sale from across the nation.

Ann Starrett Mansion

Port Townsend, WA

For sale: $750,000

In 1889, George Starrett built this Queen Anne-style mansion for his queen, Ann. In recent years, the house — with an eight-sided dome tower, solar calendar and other opulent details — has served as a boutique bed-and-breakfast. But a female manifestation with red hair and a male spirit — believed to be Ann and George — have been spotted on the premises.




Hampton Lillibridge House

Savannah, GA

For sale: $2.4 million

When Jim Williams, a local restoration expert, transplanted this home to its current location on St. Julian Street, workers reported odd noises and a tall man dressed in black glaring through a bedroom window. Since, stories of ghostly visions and more have surrounded the late 18th-century house. Some even claim it’s Savannah’s most haunted home.




Allyn Mansion

Delavan, WI

For sale: $1.2 million

In 1885, this restored mansion was built for the Allyns, a wealthy farming family. Then on a cold February day in 1913, Mr. Allyn died while reading his afternoon mail in the parlor. Following his death, the property changed hands a few times before becoming a nursing home, furniture store and most recently a bed-and-breakfast. But in 2007, the B&B closed its doors, and the home has been on and off the market since.




McRaven Home

Vicksburg, MS

For sale: $575,000

With a name like “McRaven” it’s got to be haunted! Called “the time capsule of the South,” this Civil War-era home is considered the most haunted in Mississippi. At least five inhabitants died in or near the home. John H. Bobb, who is credited with building the last section of the house, is said to have died violently at the hands of Federal soldiers outside McRaven. One of the former owners, who died during childbirth in 1836, is also believed to grace the home with her spirit.





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